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Your OC
Your choice of OC
-please provide reference (if you don't give me a colored one than I wont color the finished piece)
-I can decline your offer if you give me something I am uncomfortable with drawing (so please don't give me creepy shit ; w ;/)
-I have no examples up because my art is not really the same as my gallery art any more soooo yeah (it should be better if anything so don't judge I made these cheaper than I can afford 
-If you want me to draw more than one oc in a drawing you are going to have to pay extra (sorry I am poor and need this)


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Favorite style of art: digital and traditional
Operating System: PhotoShop and SAI
Favorite cartoon character: Pearl (a.k.a. bird mom)
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Love Is Love No Matter Who You Find It In.

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Geistheist- Jaser by izzy1213
Geistheist- Jaser
I figured this was a pretty clever costume for Jaser heh. Who can guess his costume hmmm??

For event in  :iconmechanismon:
Mechanisomon app - Jaser by izzy1213
Mechanisomon app - Jaser


Age: 17

Gender: M

Height: 5'7

Rank: F

Level: 5

Type: :iconghosttypeplz:

Country: CASSUS

Hometown: Heureuxville


Guild: N/A

 GROWL :iconnormaltypeplz: - sounds a piercing growl like scream into the air that distorts the air and lowers opponents attack damage
PSYWAVE :iconpsychictypeplz:- releases a blast of light blue or transparent psychic energy that will affect the opponet with random strengths (sometimes being completely unaffective at all) 
SPITE :iconghosttypeplz:- with the help of his beads, Jaser can take energy from his opponent causing them to loose the willpower to fight with one specific move


Accessory: MAGIC BEADS

Jaser is very quick witted which help him when he gets into trouble , which isn't too often believe it or not. However there's nothing he cant take as his hardy nature leaves him Fearless and ready for anything. Unfortunately during the day he finds himself the most tired and often takes long naps under tree shade where he can find it. Even in the moments when he needs to lie or keep secrets he's far too honest to do either.

-A magic trick of his where he elongates his neck or detaches his head as a temporary illusion.
-dancing and preforming. 
-small fortune magics.

Weaknesses: He can't talk to woman very well, very honest and cant keep secrets, some  times being around other ghost types affect his magic, dark types are usually people Jaser distances himself from, can be very blunt and unintentionally offensive.

Background:  Jaser was born into a middle class gypsy family. His mother, Drina Vando, worked as a performer/fortune teller when they were home in Heurexville and other cities during long travels. On the other hand his father, Nikolas Vando, worked making jewelry and other such metal and leather trinkets to sell out of the caravan. When Jaser was around the age of 10 his mother allowed him to finally perform with her outside the caravan despite tradition, he might have enjoyed helping his father make things to sell but he loved dancing with his mother more than anything else.

Considering his family’s heritage, Jaser grew up learning about traditions and other in family magic. His favorite result of experimenting with magic being the trick here he elongates or detaches his head, however in its early stages thing have gone wrong more times than not. It was also fun visiting family in other parts of Cassus or meeting them along the road, there was never a dull moment with them. What was even more exciting than that was events like weddings, he’d been to almost all his cousin’s weddings and it was always a blast, he almost couldn’t wait for his own wedding until his parents told him about his fiancé.

Jaser was 15 at this time and knew the day would come where he would have to marry that girl but never had he thought that she would run away because of it. He always figured he would have been the one to run away but the feeling the abandonment left him with actually made him glad he wasn’t the one to do it. The girl’s disappearance left the whole family in an uproar of disappointment and in empathetic state for the young misdrevus.

With much of the families support the Jaser’s runaway bride was quickly replaced with the daughter of a close family friend. However, unlike his last fiancé, she emitted trouble for Jaser. Not long after their engagement she attempted to seduce him regardless of their family’s beliefs, Jaser being strong in his mortality refused to fall victim to her. Considering Jasers’ possible honesty she squealed to the family first, telling lies and causing the young teen’s expulsion from the community.

At the age of 16 Jaser was out on his own to explore and experience a world he knew not of. By 17 years old he found his home in the circus doing what he did best, preforming and every now and then he finds time to send invites to his family to his shows hoping one day they’ll accept him again. 

-likes to eat a lot, cause mischief and preform for people
-eats a lot but his metabolism is so fast he barely gains weight -
doesn't like letting his hair down  because it's too hard to manage outside of a pony tail
-he used to practice the long neck trick so much that sometimes his neck randomly will become long while he sleeps
-the scarf he wears on his head was his mothers
-the beads he wears were made for him by his father to match the ones he wore

Personal Quote: "Le show doit continuer"

Theme song: Thief by Imagine dragons 
I think the pattern with this is going to be seven pages a year (ノ´д`) so the next seven or so should be up soon

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