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I dunno I just wanna put this here*shrug* maybe some one wants it, up to you guys. Give me ref and I'll draw "you" or a character I dont care which at this point. : 3


Jk, I'm fine.
Um, so I guess this is kinda a come back unless I decide you all should wait another decade before I put up more manga pages. I mean after all it's been an entire year since I've shown much signs of life. But yeah, here we go I put up some more pages for my "manga" Sabaku (that's just the name for it but it has nothing to do with the comic so far) Just a little heads up, for those of you nice enough to endure this piece of shit I've so modestly handed to you, that this is in fact a piece of shit that I am so modestly handing to you. Nothing else. Just this. you get what you see. Shit. My awful sense of humor, poorly doodled 'neko' girls with high school drama (not even good drama may I add). Yes, I am mocking the very culture of the art called Manga by even jeering this in the public's general direction. It's as though I have yanked down my trousers and begged you all to take sight upon my undignified hindquarters.

This could quite possibly be the most unseemly thing I have ever attempted to give to you, my audience, and just in advance I apologize. I am filth and after I post this I will go back into the nearest McDonald trash can where I belong. 

However aside from all that I am still going to leave the pages here and I am going to put up more whether any of you appreciate them or not. Honestly even if you don't like it, leave some hate, by all means give me something to read. Do you hear that all you immature younglings floating around on this god forsaken site for the sole purpose of getting trashed for saying ignorant things? This is an opportunity to show of your tweeny hate skills. So give it your best shot.

Another thing, my characters can get every, very confusing so If there's any questions feel free to hit me up pm or comments (not like any one is going to risk their sanity to actually go look at the monstrosity I claim as sequential art) but if you do you know where to find me. #*cough* tumblr *cough*

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